Conceptual Design Software Tools

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The importance of conceptual design cannot be ignored. In my experience, if a designer(s) skips the conceptual design phase, they end up modifying designs in the detail design phase to address even basic customer requirements such as look and feel of the  final object or a product. Such changes shift the focus from detailed design delaying the project completion and affecting final product quality.

With no clear industry segmentation of conceptual design software tools and CAD (computer aided design) software vendors claiming that their detailed design CAD software include required capabilities to address the needs of conceptual design phase; it can be really hard to navigate the list of digital design software vendors and select a conceptual design software tool.

Recently, I wrote an article for the CADALYST magazine on conceptual design software tools.

The article also includes a sampling of available Conceptual Design Tools –

Article in its entirety can be found – Look forward for your comments/discussions

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