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Internally Focused Enterprise Mobility

The popularity of tablets and smartphones in the consumer space has led to the emergence of mobility channel for businesses. Mobility is an essential sales or service channel in retail industry, but other industries are making concerted effort to implement mobility internally. Recently airlines industry made the news when Delta airlines purchased thousands of tablets and smartphones for use within their business following American Airlines similar purchase of tablets. These corporate purchases are no surprises given the ease of use and quick access of information that tablets provide. But let’s not put all our money on tablets being extremely successful internally in business, they can be a real drag on business return on investments and business operations.

Failure of tablets for business:  Why/Where?

    • The design of current tablets, smartphone and phablets is not well suited for intensive data capture by typing or comparison of information on multiple screens.
    • Creating parts and product design from scratch is also been a time consuming and erroneous activity on tablets.

Business Mobility Platform Choice
Personal experience from consumer market is influencing which platform businesses choose for their enterprise mobility. Major players such as Apple, Windows and Andriod are all trying to capture the business enterprise space. Serving external consumers or a firm’s customers requires that all mobile platforms be supported, but internal mobility platform choice can be entirely different animal. This leaves us with many questions: –

    • Does business have to support all mobile platforms?
    • Is Microsoft the default choice for enterprise mobility for a business using Microsoft products as most businesses already use MS Office products?
    • Does a business have to support all mobile platforms for internal as well external customer uses?
    • Is HTML 5 the answer for all platforms?
    • Are hybrid mobile applications just hype?
      • What’s the best platform for CAD/PLM apps?

I will try to answer all these and more questions in my upcoming blogs. Your suggestions/questions are welcome.


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