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Do I need BPM with PLM?

I came across this white paper from IBM  – Realizing the Full Scope of PLM with Business Process Management.  This white paper seems to be a bit dated given the changes that have taken place in PLM (product life-cycle management). Pega has also laid down great points related to the advantages of using BPM for PLM in a whitepaper .  After going through an actual project of matching end-user needs with BPM (Business process management), I feel nothing much has changed about people’s perspective about BPM.  Given this background here is my analysis in the following few sentences that provides a practical comparison between BPM and PLM.

BPM has a very broad relevance across business areas as it primarily uses tecBPM Hammerhnology and generic workflow pattern to simplify business processes. By design, BPM packages need to be customized to fit any business needs. This inherent flexibility makes BPM a logical candidate for simplifying the business processes around product development and maintenance.  This in-turn makes BPM expensive, time consuming to implement and resource intensive to maintain. In comparison PLM is specifically directed towards product innovation, life-cycle management and it addresses all product-process based business processes. PLM vendors include functions in their vanilla packages that address the core product centric business processes.

I believe BPM is a great solution –  if you have a unique business process or a unique technology issue that none of commercially available PLM packages are unable to address. Just because you have bigger hammer let’s not universally assume everything is a nail.

What’s your BPM-PLM experience?

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