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Integrated Autodesk Product Platform on Cloud for Teams

At this year’s Autodesk University, which was attended by 10,000 people, Autodesk made several announcements that make its software quite attractive for all sizes of manufacturers. Autodesk and its partners showcased several applications that address latest trends such as generative design, augmented and virtual reality, additive manufacturing, IoT and robotics. Its CEO Carl Bass, said “unless your team is collaborating well, you can’t even compete much less win”. Autodesk’s core strategy has been to democratize design software such that smaller companies with limited resources can use them to design and deliver latest high quality products. Subscription based cloud delivery fits right to serve Autodesk’s core strategy to make its software affordable and enable collaboration amongst teams. Going forward Autodesk will be stepping away from desktop applications and will deliver applications in cloud.

 forgeAutodesk is building a cloud portfolio for each industry that it says is complete, connected and on-demand. Its cloud based Fusion 360 and BIM 360 are built on the Forge developer platform which will now be available through a browser in addition to native mobile applications. Autodesk has expanded its Forge platform which currently has more than 4,000 apps to include Augmented reality and Virtual reality support.  Autodesk does not have commercial application for manufacturers as it relates to AR/VR and IoT , rather it has developed a more generic  platform to provide solutions that  can be implemented in manufacturing and AEC. Currently, Autodesk research has successfully developed projects that apply to AEC space that intermingle IoT and AR/VR such as measuring building performance while virtually walking through a building.

It should be noted that Autodesk is seriously working on the topic of machine learning as it applies to designing software and monitoring software usage. Autodesk Design Graph in A360 is an active step towards utilizing machines learning. Design Graph is a machine learning system from Autodesk that uses algorithms to extract large amounts of 3D design data. It then categorizes every component and design by classification and relationship, to create a living catalog that can provide results to changes and to provide guidance for design.

In conclusion, Autodesk message was loud and clear that it will develop and support software that helps teams collaborate, unlike desktop applications that it has delivered in the past. Its Forge platform in cloud best supports Autodesk’s strategy of democratizing software. One cannot deny the ground reality that most of its customer base that is SMB have not fully embraced Autodesk’s cloud based offerings. This is an opportunity and a challenge for Autodesk’s partners who do voice their eagerness to start working in cloud with Fusion platform. Autodesk strategy with cloud based Forge platform to focus on developing software that address latest trends of IoT, generative and immersive design removes the cost and accessibility barriers that manufacturers encounter irrespective of the size of their business or industry vertical.

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